There are varieties of inherent advantages when it comes to rubber flooring. This flooring is ideal for commercial and high-traffic environments. Nowadays, SBR GYM FLOOR TILES are available in different colours, patterns, and textures. It is also used for interior and exterior applications in residential buildings. These come in 12-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch squares are ideal for those who go for DIY. However, these tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see here the advantages/benefits of these tiles.


The main benefit of rubber flooring is strong, tough, and resilient under various conditions. Based on the tile used and the environment where it is installed and with proper care, these will last up to 20 years.


The SBR GYM FLOOR TILES are very easy to maintain. They are also stain-resistant when compared to natural rubber. We can polish it with water-soluble was so that it could be restored from damage and discoloration. But this wax needs to be stripped periodically and new wax should be applied in its place. However, cleaning them is quite easy. Any specific detergent you want to apply, you need to check with the manufacturer whether it can be applied sometimes it might damage it.


Though it is durable, it is very soft underfoot. That is the reason why it is ideal for exercise and playrooms. How thicker the flooring is that much it will be softer. Some of them even come with cushions from fabric, cork, and foam-rubber backing.


Most of these rubbers are water-resistant either way. But in case, you are installing it in your basement then you need to provide with a water barrier to prevent moisture from seeping up from underneath. Of late, some rubber tiles are specially made so that it will suit the wet environments.


The elasticity of rubber flooring makes it quiet when you walk on it.

Easy Installation

It is very easy to install. Some of them use interlocking edges whereas others use a system of edge pins that will hold the tiles together. These tiles can be easily cut with a knife and can be glue-down forms of rubber tiles available.

Thus, SBR GYM FLOOR TILES are ideal for your residence as well as a gym and other workout places.