There are varieties of inherent advantages when it comes to rubber flooring. This flooring is ideal for commercial and high-traffic environments. Nowadays, SBR GYM FLOOR TILES are available in different colours, patterns, and textures. It is also used for interior and exterior applications in residential buildings. These come in 12-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch squares are […]

Find the suitable Wrestling Mats for Home

People who have certain skills require regular practice and training to hone their skills. No matter whether you attend the training from popular training, regular practice at home is a must. Wrestling Mats have experienced high popularity in the past few years among wrestlers to make proper flooring at home. This helps them to get […]

What are the best mats available in the market for Judo?

Do you really know what makes a good Judo mat? When you explore the market for the suitable Judo Mats it is best to know that your search should be based on three qualities – firmness, thickness, and texture. The mat with at least 2 inches is considered as a suitable mat that provides enough […]

What to consider where looking for suitable mat for kabaddi?

Sports always catch the attention of people and some of the games are becoming a sensation in the country. Today, kabaddi is loved among different age people and is one of the heart winning sports. With the increasing popularity of this sport, the concept of finding the suitable Kabaddi Mats is also the primary matter […]

Prevent any injury from dedicated mats for Karate

Do you practice karate or entered in training, it is necessary to take care to reduce the injury. In karate, training floor plays a vital role and should provide a firm grip for various moves. For this, you have several Karate Mats option available in the market from top manufacturers and dealers. This is the […]

Buy the right yoga mat from the yoga mats supplier in Delhi

For practicing yoga, you should also know what accessories that you need to have. The important accessory that you need is a mat. You should go for high quality mats that will provide you with the much needed comfort. You will get these mats from the Yoga Mats Supplier in Delhi. If you want to […]

How interlocking mats are useful for different rooms in your house

For your house, you would like to do interiors and let’s start up with floor décor. But before deciding about the floor décor, you should know what kind of activities you will be doing in each of the rooms. You should look for safety, style, comfort and maintenance. For your living room, you can go […]

Tips To Find The Right Yoga Mats

Yoga is practiced in India right from the ancient times. It involves several body postures and breathing exercises which are good for the body, mind and spiritual health.  It is done by sitting, standing or lying down on a mat. These mats should be comfortable so that the postures could be done in a relaxed […]

How To Select The Right Yoga Mats

Yoga is originated in the ancient India and it involves physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines. To practice yoga, you should be dedicated and be regular for your yoga classes. Yoga gives quality results in quickest possible time. Other than being regular to your classes, Grip Yoga Mats also play a vital role in […]


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